What People are Saying

“Our condo was recently burglarized with major damage to walls and a filthy stinky mess.
Cathy took care of everything. When we walked in to our condo it was like nothing had happened.
She organized everything for me and did a lot of extra touches. We are so lucky to have her come into her life at such a bad time.”

Jo N,
Vancouver, BC

All-N-One Cleaning & Home Services is your answer to many problems and issues you may have and you only need to make one call.

All-N-One’s owner has been serving the Desert Cities since 1999.

‘All-N-One’ is a home-based
independently owned and operated business.


I can’t say enough good things about Cathy.
She is incredibly detailed and got stains and dirt off of my
kitchen appliances that have been there for years!
She took the time and energy to clean the inside of my
grease ridden hood and even made it shine, I was amazed at her bag of cleaning tricks and look forward to her return.

Scott T
Palm Springs, CA